Art Didgeridoo 6



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   What a beautiful didgeridoo this is! The natural curve through the agave does some really nice things to the sound dynamic and feedback to the player, while the large bell of African Mahogany with a Walnut tip, provides a rich bass that carries the players voice with warmth and presence. The cherry mouthpiece means you'll never have to replace wax again and it won't melt in the summer sun! This didgeri is super easy to play and has excellent back pressure, making rhythms and circular breathing a breeze. As you can hear in the video below, theres a nice balance between low tones, mid tones and highs, while multiple trumpet tones are easily achieved. The volume is perfect for its relatively small size, making it a good choice for either indoor or outdoor playing with no amplification necessary. Though the hardwood bell does give it some weight, its quite portable, making it a good candidate for harmonic companion on that long anticipated adventure!

This Didgeridoo comes with our aclaimed   Didgeridoo Tutorial DVD. and a free, 1/2 hour didgeridoo lesson via skype.

Art Didgeridoo 6
1 3/4"
5 1/4"
Offering Price: $1475