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The Gathering CD
The Gathering is a celebration of our connection to the land, to one another and to the web of life. It is a set of deeply spiritual and emotional compositions dedicated to the beauty and wisdom of tribal cultures. The acoustic beauty of this music gets deep into the hearts and souls of focused listeners and meditators. It is an important disc for fans of tribal ambience. For collectors of didge music, it is essential.
1) Forest Gathering 8:19
2) Subterranean Deep 8:21
3) Fire Gathering 7:20
4) Dwelling Place of the Radiant Mind 10:42
5) Eat Flowers, Breath Light 17:58
The Dreaming Gate
The Dreaming Gate is the heart of Inlakesh. Inspired by an encounter with the Nazca spider and the transformational power of masks, in rituals and daily life. The Gate is a time and space where the veil of personalty is left behind, as one embarks on a journey to the transpersonal wisdom of intention and timelessness. Two years in the making, The Dreaming Gate is a voyage of consciousness, a sonic offering to the great spirit of mystery. Featuring outstanding musicians playing a variety of acoustic instruments meticulously blended with location recordings and artifacts harvested in the jungles of Irian Jaya in the late 1980's. The Dreaming Gate is a beautiful and highly original body of sound.
1) The Gate 6:06
2) Road to Tulku's Palace 9:05
3) Navigator 6:16
4) Zia 6:31
5) Hues of Jade 7:15
6) Warbling Time 6:01
7)Impermanant Nature 7:45
8) Budgerigar 4:00
9) Grain & Bowl 5:05
10) Wherevernever 7:52
Didjeridoo Meditations
Didjeridoo Meditations is an exploration into harmonic depths of this mysterious Aboriginal instrument. Recorded live in the early 1990's using a variety of vintage analog gear and mixed on the legendary SSL mixing console, Didjeridoo Meditations is a deeply meditative and purely acoustical experience. We've recieved numerou reports over the years of children being born to the sounds of this project. Something about the pure low tones of didgeridoo seems to foster an environment that makes childbirth flow smoother. (Currently available as a download only).
1) The Between 7:40
2) Waves of Stone 10:08
3) Myst 7:41
4) Lair of Never Never 8:48
5) Hybrid Dimensions 8:58
Quantum Dreaming
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An earlier release from Inlakesh, Quantum Dreaming features the Didjeridoo front and center. This project is a lighthearted mixture of playful compositions that easily transition from high energy didge solo's, hypnotic tribal grooves and sweet tonal movements. Their is very little processing or multi tracking on Quantum Dreaming. The beauty of this album is the purity of the acoustic instruments, their resonance with the Australian bush and the raw enthusiasm of the musicians. Quantum Dreaming is a lighthearted album, perfect for didgeridoo enthusiasts looking for music to play along with or for collectors seeking material from the early days of the didjeridoo movement. (Currently available as download only).
Wild Summer Heat 10:47
Passage Through  
Bush Walk  
Rock Melon 5:04
Spirit Walk 6:42
Wetlands 6:00
Cello do 7:07
Moku Singah 1:41
Didgeri Riff 2:21
Tabua 5:21