Inlakesh has inspired a generation of didgeridoo enthusiasts and fans of tribal ambience since 1990. Featured in numerous independent film sound tracks and in the Imax film; Sacred Planet, their music is a celebraton of that simple truth that in spite of the myriad forms of creation and differences we see around the world... all plants, all animals and all peoples emanate from the same creative pulsations of consciousness.
 Rob Thomas is a master of the didgeridoo (player / crafter) and integral member of Inlakesh. In addition to numerous releases with Inlakesh, his recent collaborations include "Monuments of Ecstasy" (2015 Projekt Records) with Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf and "Medicine Work" - (2013 Dr. Bam's Music) with Byron Metcalf.
 Tanya Gerard (Australia) is a feminine master didgeridoo player and founding member of Inlakesh. An avid explorer, world traveler and advocate for wildlife and all things wilderness, her accomplishments include circling the globe several times, raising a beautiful son, the numerous recording projects of Inlakesh, and the recent publication of a children's book called "The Adventures of the Wild, Wild Wolf".

 To our Children's, Children...

Giving back to future generations and doing their part to help create a positive future. Rob & Tanya currently travel to K-12 schools throughout the United States, bringing a message of unity, kindness, cultural tolerance, respect and enviornmental awareness through education, entertainment, good vibes and cool music.

To learn more or possibly bring them to your kids school, email Rob at [email protected]