Biograph Inlakesh

The music of Inlakesh has inspired didgeridoo enthusiasts and listeners of tribal ambience since 1990. These sounds are inspired by the creative pulsations of consciousness, the natural elements of Earth, wind, fire and water and humanities rich well of myths and archetypes. By the profound mystery and simplicity of our collective being and the sacred connection we all have to one another other.

Inlakesh began in 1990 through the alchemy of Tanya Gerard and Rob Thomas, the core creatives of the group. Although Tanya grew up in Australia, she began playing the didjeridoo while visiting Tibetan communities in Dharamsala, North India during the mid 1980's. Based on the response of Tibetan Monks she encountered, we believe this was the first time the didjeridoo had visited the Dharamsala area. She has developed a warm, feminine style of intricately woven rythms and resonant patterns with the didjeridoo and creates many of the atmospheres of Inlakesh based on her extensive travels throughout the world. Rob was born in the United States and began playing didjeridoo more than 20 years ago while living in Australia. His passion for sound and lifelong curiosity of deep trance states combined with his creative use of breath and voice on the didgeridoo, have resulted in a unique style of sound and rhythm. Together, Rob & Tanya have introduced thousands to the magic of didjeridoo. Sharing a warm, resonant sound current throughout the United States. They both Currently reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. U.S.A.