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Instruments to accompany you to the edge.

We currently have an excellent collection of didjeridoos available for you to choose from with more becoming available as the February snows melt here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Browse through the instruments below. If you find one you like, order it on the site or contact us for more details. We can arrange a brief phone concert with instruments your interested in. This is a great way of getting to know their personality and what their capable of . We can be reached most days at our studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Hours of operation are 9 am to 7 pm mountain time.

Phone 1 (505) 466 -2044

E-Mail inlakesh@inlakesh.com


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Natural Finish 'Small'

Here you'll find our least expensive didjeridoos. These instruments of modest size are lightweight and highly manueverable, making them the perfect choice for novice players, backpackers, traveling shamans and sound healers. Browse this series anytime a lightweight and easy to play didjeridoo is needed. Since bells size mostly effects the size of the bass and volume of sound, it is possible to produce deep rich bass tones with these instruments. Small, straight didjeridoos tend to produce a more ‘localized’ sound making them perfect for small or quiet spaces.


Natural Finish 'Flares & Bells'

Here you’ll find instruments of high quality at relatively affordable prices. Sizes are a bit larger than the Natural Finish ‘small’ series and either flare out at the end or form an actual bell. Though not as large as the rhythm demon series, these instruments can pack a punch and are more easily transported than our concert/studio quality, rhythm demon series. Perfect for anyone looking to upgrade from a beginners didjeridoo to something with more power and dynamics while retaining maneuverability and not breaking the bank.


Rhythm Demons

Our signature series. Performance quality instruments designed to elevate your sound and seperate it from the pack. More than two decades of passionate didjeridoo playing and obsessive experimentation have gone into the creation of these instruments. Fast, loud and articulate. The larger bells produce both power and volume. Generating tremendous sound with less effort. In most cases, the bell adds to the richness of the bass. Bells that end at the largest point create a crisp, sharp tonality with a percussive snap when playing rhythmically and are Ideally suited for environments where clarity and punch are needed in the mix.
Bells that fold back in on themselves, generate a dreamier, softer resonance, producing echo like effects and are ideally suited for shamanic activities or when you simply need to fill a large space with sound. Both styles are well Suited for outdoor performances and drum circles.


The art Didjeridoos

We have Beautifully painted didjeridoos available here in the Art Didjeridoo collection. Each instrument is an original piece of art, manifested in 25 to 35 hour bursts of creativity through the gifted hands of Tanya Gerard. Many have Intricate geometric dots creating hypnotic patterns which emanate from stars and dreaming tracks interspersed with sections of natural wood grain and totemic figures of Australian Goanna’s , turtles, Rainbow serpents and spirit figures with DNA coils running through their bodies. A small number of these pieces will also include sections of abalone shell, mother of pearl and semi precious stones inlayed at key points within the artwork adding further dimensionality to the piece. These didjeridoos are sealed after all painting and inlay is complete, both protecting the artwork for years to come and enhancing the resonant qualities the instruments will produce


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